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Looking for the best Bitcoin broker? There is a wide range of brokers on the crypto market, which doesn’t make the decision easier. If you want to trade cryptocurrency you need a broker with low fees, high leverage, and the best trading tools! Why should it be difficult?

We help you compare and choose the best Bitcoin trading platform. It only takes a few minutes to open an account. Learn how Bitcoin trading works and how to get started quickly. This guide gives you the best chance to make money trading Bitcoin!

Below is our comparison table where you choose the best Bitcoin broker for you. In the beginner’s guide, we also help you choose the right trading tools, software, and successful bitcoin trading strategies. Compare brokers now →

Top 5 Bitcoin & Crypto Brokers - October 2018

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How to Choose the Right Cryptocurrency Broker?

There are many things to compare when choosing the right Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Broker. We have compiled the most important together with our rating in the comparison table above. This makes it easy for you to choose the Best Bitcoin Trading Platform.

However, there are more things that are good to check and compare. To choose the right broker, look at the following:

  • Customer Satisfaction: The best way to choose bitcoin brokers is to test their trading platforms. But the quickest and easiest way is to listen to what their customers say. Are their customers satisfied? To help you answer that question, all brokers on this page have a rating (with numbers 1-100 and stars 1-5).
  • Broker Regulation: It’s essential that you use a regulated broker. This is especially true when you’re trading cryptocurrencies. If the broker is unregulated, your money will not be protected. ** All brokers in our comparison table offers regulated CFD trading which means that your money is protected. **
  • Fees and Costs: If you’re planning to trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrency you need to choose a broker with low fees and costs. NOTE! It’s common for brokers to advertise their platform with “zero fees”. However, this usually means you have to pay an additional cost called spread (the difference between buying and selling price).
  • Trading Platform: The most important thing for a professional Bitcoin Trader is to use a good trading platform. (Provided that the broker is regulated and has reasonable fees.) The market consists of a variety of trading platforms with different features. You need to open an account and try!
  • Minimum Deposit: Some brokers require a minimum deposit, while others don’t have any at all. If the minimum deposit is high, it usually means that the broker is serious. However, a trading account without any minimum deposit can be a way for new cryptocurrency brokers to get customers. For whatever reason, the minimum deposit should not affect your choice of broker.
  • Customer Service: Not all cryptocurrency brokers offers reliable and fast customer support. Do they provide customer support 24/7? Is there chat support, phone support or both? Bigger players on the market usually offer this, but not always by smaller brokers.
  • Leverage: You can always trade with leverage if you use Bitcoin CFDs. We recommend choosing a CFD broker because leverage is an important tool for traders. Leverage means that you can borrow money to get higher returns on your trades. It usually varies between 1:5 and 1:300. NOTE! A typical beginner’s mistake is to use too high leverage. Use the tool responsibly! Professional traders rarely use more than 1:5 in leverage.
  • Free demo account: Cryptocurrency brokers usually, unlike exchanges, offers a free demo account. Take advantage of the opportunity to test the trading platform and its features. Or are you ready for the real deal? Deposit a smaller amount of money and make some buy and sell orders before you risk your capital.

Making money trading

Beginner Guide: Best Bitcoin Trading Brokers

Are you a beginner or want to learn more about trading? You have come to the right place! This complete beginner’s guide will help you choose the best bitcoin trading broker and get started with trading. Making money on trading is harder than it seems. However, it’s easier to trade cryptocurrencies than other securities such as stocks. This is due to several reasons.

Advantages of Trading Bitcoin

  • Lower fees and smaller spreads – Brokers who offer cryptocurrency trading tend to have low fees and small spreads. This is because the crypto market is more transparent and easily accessible than other markets.
  • Less price manipulation and algorithm trading – The stock market often gets criticism that larger companies and other groups manipulate the price. The majority of all orders are also executed by robots. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a smaller market with less price manipulation and algorithm trading. This creates a level playing field for all traders.
  • More active individuals with little experience – Technical analysis, which is the foundation of successful trading, works better when the market consists of inexperienced individuals. Trends and patterns become more apparent and easier to analyze. All beginners in day trading make classic mistakes. You can take advantages of it.

What Is the Difference Between a Broker and Exchange?

If you want to earn money from trading cryptocurrency, we recommend a CFD Broker on this page. CFD (Contract For Difference) is a contract that reflects the price of an underlying asset. This includes cryptocurrencies. Brokers offer the best Bitcoin trading platforms because their products aimed at traders. Your money is also protected by the broker.

If you want to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you can buy them at a Bitcoin Exchange. This is for long-term investors. But it also means you are in charge of security. NOTE! If you buy real cryptocurrency, you must also buy a Bitcoin Wallet to keep them safe.

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Conclusion: Best Bitcoin Trading Platform

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