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Buying Ripple (XRP) can be complicated. But it doesn’t have to be! We will help you buy Ripple directly with your credit / debit card. There are many different exchanges with different payment methods and fees. Some sites have a long and complicated process to buy Ripple. Others charge expensive fees. It should be quick, easy and cheap to buy Ripple / XRP with credit card!

In this guide, we help you buy Ripple in just a few minutes. We have created simple step-by-step instructions to buy Ripple quickly. We have also compared all exchanges and chosen the best one below. It has received our highest rating, is user-friendly, and has the lowest fees. We guide you all the way, from beginning to end. Just follow our steps!

First, we help you buy Ripple quickly and cheaply. Then we explain how to protect and use your XRP. There is important safety information you should not miss! Do not risk losing your Ripple (XRP), read the full beginner’s guide.

Are you ready? Good! Follow our easy step-by-step instructions below and Buy Ripple →

Top 3 Ripple Exchanges - September 2019

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Buy Ripple (XRP)! (eToro Buying Tutorial)

eToro is the Best Ripple / Cryptocurrency Exchange. You can buy Ripple and cryptocurrency easy, instant and secure. Their exchange platform has received our highest rating. Follow our step-by-step instructions below and buy Ripple (XRP) now!

1. Create Account

First step is to Open Your eToro Account. Follow this link, enter your information, and click on “Start Trading“! →

2. Verify Email & Sign In

Next step is to verify your email to access your eToro account. Follow the email link, enter your information, and click on “Sign in” →

3. Complete Profile

First, let’s remove the deposit limitation by answering some questions. (Don’t worry, this is standard for all exchanges, and your private information is secure). Click on the button “Complete Profile” and follow their steps →

4. Make a Deposit

Now it’s time to make your deposit. Click on the button “Deposit Funds” and select amount / payment method →

5. Select Ripple (XRP)

Now you just need to click on “Trade Markets” and select Ripple / XRP by clicking on the buy button

6. Buy Ripple (XRP)!

Last step is to enter the amount and click on “Open Trade” →


Congratulations, you have now bought Ripple!

What Is Ripple? (Video!)

It can be difficult to understand Ripple and how the cryptocurrency works. Therefore, we have included a quick and easy video below. It’s a beginner’s guide that we recommend everyone to see, check it out →

How Popular is Ripple?

Where is Ripple most popular worldwide? In which countries and cities are Ripple most Popular? Where do most people buy Ripple / XRP? How popular has Ripple been in the past year? These questions are difficult to answer but there are data that we can analyze. We have taken part of the search volume from Google!

Most Popular Places for Ripple:

Below we have included where most people search for Ripple. It’s interesting information which shows where Ripple is the most popular. You can sort the information by region and city

Search Volume for Ripple:

Below we have included the search volume on Ripple for the last 12 months. This shows how popular Ripple has been worldwide → exchange company

CEX.IO Ripple (XRP) Buying Tutorial is a trustworthy exchange where you can buy Ripple (XRP) and more cryptocurrencies. It’s one of the oldest exchanges on the crypto market with over 1 million active traders. It only takes a few minutes to buy Ripple and other cryptocurrencies with your credit/debit card. You can buy Ripple with a bank transfer, SEPA transfer, Skrill, CryptoCapital or directly with VISA/MasterCard. Follow our simple step-by-step instructions below to buy Ripple / XRP with your payment card at!

1. Visit Buy Page

First step is to Visit the CEX.IO Exchange. Follow this link to the page below, choose Ripple (XRP) and the amount. Then click on “BUY“! →

2. Register Account

Next step is to register your CEX.IO account. Enter the information and click on “Register” →

3. Confirm Email

Confirm your Email and click on “Proceed” →

4. Download App

Next step is to download the CEX.IO App to verify your account and Buy Ripple →


Buy Ripple (XRP) with CEX.IO App

Have you installed the CEX.IO app on your phone? Good, we can now continue!

2.1. Verification

Start the verification process by clicking on your “Profile” -> “Verification” and follow the steps in the CEX.IO App →

2.2. Payment Card

The last step before you can Buy Ripple is to add your Payment Card. Click on your “Profile” -> “Card Manager” and follow the steps in the CEX.IO App →

2.3. Buy Ripple / XRP!

You will receive an email when you’re payment card is verified. Then open your app and click at the top of the screen to choose Ripple (XRP) and buy it instantly! →


Congratulations, you have now bought Ripple / XRP!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your question not answered here? Ask your question below!

Ripple is a payment system that has its own cryptocurrency called “XRP”. It’s one of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies thanks to much support. Ripple has grown rapidly because many banks and companies have started using the XRP token. On their website they write:

“Ripple connects banks and payment providers via RippleNet to provide one frictionless experience for sending and receiving money globally.”

Ripple uses a common ledger stored on many independent servers. In other words, it is safe to use Ripple. The cryptocurrency is protected by cryptography instead of legislation that contains mistakes from humans. There are and will always be loopholes in laws. However, you can’t trick math.

Ripple / XRP is stored in the same way as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You need a private and secure digital wallet. If you keep your XRP at an exchange, mobile app or online, you risk losing your money. The safest way to protect your XRP is with a hardware wallet. Everyone needs at least one hardware wallet. Learn more in this guide: Best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Wallet.

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Trade with eToro!

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