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Looking for the best Bitcoin casino? There is a wide range of casinos and gambling sites that use Bitcoin (BTC). If you want to play online you want the casino with the biggest deposit bonus, many good games, and best platform! Why should it be difficult?

We help you compare Bitcoin gambling sites and choose the best Bitcoin casino. It only takes a minute to open an account. Learn everything about Bitcoin gambling and how to get started quickly. This is a complete guide that helps you from start to finish!

Below is our comparison table where you choose the best Bitcoin casino for you. In the beginner’s guide, we talk about pros and cons with Bitcoin BTC Gambling and answers all questions. How to choose the best Bitcoin casino? How does Bitcoin gambling work? Where to find Bitcoin casino no deposit bonuses? Is Bitcoin gambling legal?

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Top 3 Bitcoin Casinos / Gambling Sites - May 2024

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How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Casino?

Bitcoin is anonymous, has fast transactions, extremely low fees, and no tax issues. Bitcoin casino is the smart alternative to regular casino sites.

Open your account and play instantly! But which Bitcoin casino should you choose? There are many casinos that let you play with Bitcoin. We help you choose the best Bitcoin casino in the comparison table above.

However, there are other things that are good to check and compare. To choose the best Bitcoin casino, check the following:

  • Customer Satisfaction – The fastest way to choose the best Bitcoin casino is to listen to their customers. How satisfied are their users? To help you answer that question, all casinos on this page have a rating (with numbers 1-100 and stars 1-5).
  • Casino Reliability – There is something called provably fair gambling. This means that the casino uses an algorithm that analyzes and proves that your odds are fair. NOTE! Only play at Bitcoin casinos that prove fair odds. All Bitcoin casinos that we recommend use provably fair.
  • User Experience – All Bitcoin casinos have various offers and casino games that are constantly updated. Instead of just looking for deposit bonuses, look at the overall casino experience.
  • Available Games – Want to play a specific game? There are a variety of different casino games. This includes jackpots, blackjack, video poker, roulette, dice, slots, sports and much more. The Bitcoin casino with our highest rating offers all these games.
  • Customer Service – All casinos don’t offer fast and reliable customer service. Is there customer support 24/7? Do they offer phone support, chat support or both? Bitcoin casino sites usually prioritize a good customer service.
  • Deposit Bonuses – Basically, all casino sites offers a deposit bonus. You can even found Bitcoin no deposit bonuses. It’s always nice to receive a bonus and free spins. However, many users only look at the deposit bonus. TIP! Choose a Bitcoin casino with good user rating. Compare casinos and deposit bonuses in the table above.
  • Payment Methods – All casinos that we review accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Do you want to deposit money from your debit/credit card or with bank transfer? Most Bitcoin casinos accept that as well. However, we recommend to only play with Bitcoin. In that way, you will get all Bitcoin casino benefits. Buy Bitcoin Here →


Beginner's Guide: Bitcoin Gambling Sites

The digital currency solves many problems found on regular casino sites. Bitcoin is a safe and easy way to deposit and withdraw money from your casino account.

At the same time, Bitcoin is almost entirely anonymous, which has both pros and cons. For casino och betting sites this is a big advantage. No third party has access to your personal and financial information.

In addition, you will not encounter canceled payments associated with debit cards. We will go into detail and explain how everything works in this guide. In the end, we also help you choose the best Bitcoin casino for you!

Play completely anonymous

The growth of online casinos has been high for many years, and Bitcoin casinos have surged in recent years. Today there are many Bitcoin casinos where you can play anonymously because no government can regulate or control your money.

Play with the best odds

Bitcoin gambling sites can also offer bigger profits because their costs are lower. Since no authority controls the market, the gaming sites don’t have to pay licensing and other fees.

Play instant and secure

The absence of regulations also leads to many unreliable Bitcoin casino sites. For this reason, more responsibility is required of the players. NOTE! Only open an account and play at casinos in our comparison table. All casinos on this page have been tested and rated by us. We help you choose a reliable and secure Bitcoin casino!

Play with the biggest bonuses

We will explain what Bitcoin BTC Gambling is and how it works. What legislation exists for Bitcoin gambling and how the Bitcoin casino market looks. How to choose the right Bitcoin casino- and betting site with the biggest bonuses and promotions.

Bitcoin gambling has quickly become a popular alternative to regular gambling sites. It gets significantly easier because you get rid of expensive transaction fees, long waiting periods and your payment can’t be rejected. Learn more →

What Is Bitcoin (BTC) Gambling?

Bitcoin gambling works like the normal gambling market, but you use Bitcoin (BTC) as a means of payment instead of fiat currencies such as dollars (USD), euros (EUR) or pounds (GBP).

There are a variety of games on the Bitcoin casino market such as casino games with live dealers, roulette, slot games, blackjack, poker, sports betting and much more.

Almost all Bitcoin casinos offer welcome bonuses for new players which usually doubles your first Bitcoin deposit. There are plenty of gambling sites that accept Bitcoin, and everyone has their own games, bonuses, jackpots, and prizes.

Avoid unnecessary exchange fees!

There are gambling sites that exclusively use Bitcoin as the payment method. At the same time, there are older companies that have added Bitcoin as an alternative payment method to traditional currencies.

Gambling companies that have included Bitcoin as an alternative payment method usually convert Bitcoin into a fiat currency when you make a Bitcoin deposit. When you withdraw the money, they convert the currency back to Bitcoin. NOTE! You want to avoid currency conversion because it usually includes an exchange fee.

More freedom and fair play!

No government or authority can control or manipulate the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. This creates a more fair and free gambling market. At the same time, it leads to many unserious players that you should avoid on the Bitcoin gambling market.

We only recommend casino sites that use “provably fair” games. This means that the company uses an algorithm that analyzes and verifies that the odds are fair on the casino website.

Bitcoin casinos can calculate provably fair in different ways, but the concept is the same. Players can verify that a game is fair by entering ID numbers and other information.

There were also countries that prohibit people from playing poker and other games on casino sites. This is no problem with Bitcoin casinos because it’s anonymous. Bitcoin gambling gives more freedom to players. Get started now →

How Does Bitcoin Gambling Work?

To play on Bitcoin casinos you, of course, need Bitcoin. In other words, the first step is to buy Bitcoin if you haven’t already. Are you a Bitcoin beginner? No problem, we will help you!

  • If it’s the first time you buy Bitcoin, we recommend reading our beginner’s guide: What Is Bitcoin?
  • However, if you want to get started quickly, we recommend to read our ultimate guide: Get Started With Bitcoin →
  • The last step is to buy a Bitcoin wallet to protect your cryptocurrency. Compare and choose: Best Bitcoin Wallet!

Have you bought Bitcoin? Do you have a safe Bitcoin wallet? If you answered yes and yes, good job!

Deposit Money and Start Playing

Now you’re ready to deposit Bitcoin to your casino account. First, log in and find your Bitcoin address. To make a deposit, transfer Bitcoin to that address. You can send and receive Bitcoin 24/7 for almost no fees!

After you have transferred Bitcoin to the address, your transaction needs to be verified by the Bitcoin network. This is usually done directly, or it will take a few minutes. When the money comes into your account, you are ready to play.

Withdraw Funds Instantly 24/7

It’s as easy to make a withdrawal as a deposit. To withdraw your winnings, you simply transfer the money back to your Bitcoin wallet. Unlike regular casino sites, you can deposit and withdraw 24/7!

There is no middleman that can restrict or deny your transfer. However, if the casino site converts your Bitcoin into fiat currency, your transfer will probably need to be approved by the company.

For this reason, we recommend playing at casinos that exclusively uses Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Choose the best Bitcoin casino in the comparison table above.

Never Store Bitcoin at the Casino!

When you transfer cryptocurrency to the Bitcoin casino, they keep them in their online wallet. In other words, you need to trust the casino to protect your Bitcoin. This is required to play. However, you should NEVER store Bitcoin at the casino!

If you don’t play, transfer your Bitcoin to a secure and private wallet. Compare and choose the safest Bitcoin wallet.

Do you want a Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus? Continue reading →


Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Basically, all BTC gambling sites offer welcome bonuses for new players and other promotions on a regular basis. Bitcoin casino bonuses can be an important factor when comparing different casinos.

In addition, there are Bitcoin casino no deposit bonuses! They can include free playing tokens and free spins. Bonuses and promotions are a way for casino sites to advertise themselves and get new players.

Play with Bitcoin and Get All Bonuses

This is great if you play with Bitcoin! Because Bitcoin casinos don’t require any personal information, it’s easy to create multiple accounts and make use of all welcome bonuses.

We update our comparison table when new bonuses and offers become available. Compare all Bitcoin casino bonuses and open an account. When you register your account, you will also receive an email about new bonuses.

This is completely free and there are no expensive transaction costs as with regular casino websites.

How Does Bitcoin Casino Bonuses Work?

Let’s say that a Bitcoin casino offers a 100% welcome bonus up to 1 BTC. This means that if you transfer two Bitcoins to your casino account, you get 1 BTC in bonus. However, there is always a turnover requirement which means you can’t withdraw the money before you have played enough.

If you want to deposit Bitcoin again, it may be a good idea to visit their website to see if there are any bonuses available. You should also look over the terms of the bonus and what the turnover/rollover requirement is before you can withdraw the money.

NOTE! Don’t Get Blinded by the Bonus

Bonuses and promotions can differ widely between various Bitcoin casinos and betting sites. However, you should not only compare bonuses between Bitcoin gambling sites. There are unreliable casino websites we wouldn’t recommend because they don’t meet basic requirements.

It may be due to several reasons; The Bitcoin casino is new and there is no official owner behind the site. The gambling site is not transparent or don’t use provably fair odds. The Bitcoin casino has a background of cheating or fraud.

Only play at safe and well-known Bitcoin gambling sites. Compare Bitcoin casinos and current deposit bonuses in the table above.


Pros and Cons with Bitcoin Casinos

There are more pros than cons with a Bitcoin casino. Bitcoin as a means of payment has significant improvements compared to regular payment methods. Below we go through all pros and cons with Bitcoin casinos.

Advantages with a Bitcoin Casino:

  • Bitcoin is safer, faster and basically a free payment method – This is because no middleman is charging high transaction fees when adding money to your casino account.
  • Bitcoin casinos offer bigger winnings to players – As Bitcoin casinos have lower costs than regular online casinos, they can offer better payouts.
  • No state or bank can control Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies– Anyone playing on a regulated gambling market understands how important this is. For example, it’s not uncommon to get your money frozen at the casino if you live in the United States. If you play with Bitcoin, you have full control over your money, which prevents such events.
  • You don’t have legal restrictions and tax issues – Players from countries with strict gambling rules can participate without problems. Also, there is no additional tax expense when you transfer money with Bitcoin.
  • Total privacy and anonymity with Bitcoin – The majority of Bitcoin casinos don’t request any personal information such as your name and address. You only have to share your email in case you need to reset your account password.
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals of money – Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies allow you to transfer money immediately without waiting. If we compare this to regular casinos, withdrawals may take 2 to 7 days depending on your bank choice.

Disadvantages with a Bitcoin Casino:

  • Fewer regulations on the Bitcoin gambling market – While Bitcoin creates a more free and fair gambling market, players need to take more responsibility. The gambling market for Bitcoin lacks many regulations, which means that players need to be careful about which casino sites they use.
  • Bitcoin gambling sites can hide their identity – It’s not only players who can be anonymous, but the gambling sites can also hide their identity. This increases the risk of fraud, and therefore you should avoid playing at unknown Bitcoin casinos. In our comparison table, we help you choose the best and safest Bitcoin casino site.
  • No official gambling license for Bitcoin casinos – You can’t control Bitcoin casinos because the cryptocurrency is anonymous. This also means that authorities can’t require gambling licenses from casino sites using only cryptocurrencies.


Best Betting Site: Bet on Anything with Bitcoin

There are a wide variety of different Bitcoin betting sites on the market. Sports betting is most popular, but there are also binary options and prediction markets that use derivative instruments for betting.

Bitcoin sportsbooks make it easier than ever to bet on different matches. It’s both easier and cheaper to bet with Bitcoin instead of fiat currencies on regular gambling sites.

Betting with Bitcoins

Binary options are common for betting with financial instruments and currencies. You make money on where the price will be after a predetermined amount of time. Betting markets that use derivative instruments for betting are also available.

This means that you can bet on anything, as long as someone is prepared to bet against you. Unlike standard gambling sites, Bitcoin casinos can offer all kinds of betting! For example, betting on political elections.

Important to know → 1 BTC = 1000 mBTC

Bitcoin betting sites are easier to use than regular betting sites. Because Bitcoin can be divided into 8 decimals, you can bet the exact amount you want. You don’t have to meet any wagering requirements that force you to withdraw winnings or bet more to collect your winnings.

New players need to know that 1 BTC = 1000 mBTC. Basically, all Bitcoin gambling sites use mBTC for betting because it’s easier to read. When you’re playing it’s important to know the value of each chip. Use our comparison table and choose the best Bitcoin betting site!

Is Bitcoin Gambling Legal?

Bitcoin is completely legal! However, Bitcoin gambling can be a gray zone because authorities can’t maintain laws and regulations in different countries. We will not go into details on laws in different countries but talk about Bitcoin gambling in general.

There are states that totally prohibit gambling with fiat currencies. However, these laws don’t work against Bitcoin because it’s not a normal currency. Bitcoin is not an official currency in most countries, which means it’s not strictly illegal to play with Bitcoin in these states.

You Are Completely Anonymous

The laws and rules usually cover fiat currencies, which don’t include cryptocurrencies. It also means that the state can’t apply its tax rules to your gambling. No government will be able to tax you even if they want because Bitcoin is anonymous.

In addition, Bitcoin gambling sites don’t require any personal information, which makes it impossible to connect you to the casino account. Standard casinos always require identification from all users.

The Gambling Site Is Responsible

However, the rules vary for Bitcoin gambling sites because laws vary in different countries. But don’t worry! The Bitcoin gambling site is responsible and must comply with legislation and regulations in the country the company is established.

All you have to do is to choose a big and well-known Bitcoin casino. NOTE! Don’t open an account at smaller or unknown casinos! In that case, you must read their terms and conditions.

To be on the safe side, we recommend that you don’t use your real name when opening your account. Choose the Best Bitcoin Casino →


Conclusion: Which Bitcoin Casino is The Best?

7BitCasino is the best Bitcoin Casino / Gambling site. Their casino site has received our highest rating. They offer a deposit bonus of 100% + 100 free spins! Open an account and play instantly →

We Test and Rate Casinos

When we rate a Bitcoin casino we look at many factors. This includes their games available, reliability, customer satisfaction, deposit bonus, user experience, customer service, payment methods and much more.

But most importantly, we test all Bitcoin casinos. This takes time but answers many important questions such as; Is the casino platform user-friendly? How long does it take to deposit money and withdraw money? Is there a quick and helpful customer support?

We update this guide and our comparison table all the time. All Bitcoin casinos/gambling sites have both pros and cons. We help you choose the right one!

Avoid Common Beginner Mistakes

If you don’t have Bitcoin, you should not register at a Bitcoin casino that only accepts cryptocurrency. This means that you can’t deposit funds with your bank card/bank transfer.

We recommend buying Bitcoin before opening your Bitcoin casino account. Don’t worry, you can buy Bitcoin quickly and easily with your bank card.

Get Started Now → Play Anonymously

Are you a Bitcoin beginner? No worry! We help you buy Bitcoin and play anonymously. Follow these four easy steps:

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