Crypto markets are finally reawakening after a couple of false dawns. Leading cryptos are paving the way for exciting new projects to take center stage. One of the most widely anticipated developments is the release of a new crypto token for Polygon to coincide with the release of Polygon 2.0. Experts are already predicting significant boosts to the Polygon price as it’s exposed to a brand-new investment audience.

Meanwhile, Shiba Memu is one of the most exciting new projects to hit the cryptosphere this year. Its AI-driven self-marketing capability is potentially redefining the meme coin sector for good. As investors digest the MATIC news that it will be replaced by the new coin POL, Shiba Memu is making its bid for relevance even before it hits exchanges. Here’s why analysts are excited about what might happen with the SHIB and Polygon prices as we move into 2024.

Polygon price insights: Why POL could make MATIC news of the past

Polygon is one of the most versatile platforms within crypto circles, bringing one of the best-performing layer-2 scalability solutions for Ethereum-built platforms to the market. The legacy MATIC coin is being phased out to be replaced by POL. Although POL will perform the same services as MATIC, such as enabling validator nodes and paying gas fees, it will also fire up the upgrade to Polygon 2.0.

After launching in April 2019 at $0.0044510, the MATIC token fell to its all-time low a month later at $0.00332210. It finally made waves during the 2021 bull market and hit $2.92 in November. At the time of writing, the Polygon price is $0.510232, less than 20% of its previous high. Yet, despite this, it retains a $5 billion-plus market cap and is nudging towards the top 10 cryptocurrencies by valuation.

Shiba Memu unleashed! The AI-driven meme coin revolutionizing the market

Shiba Memu is a revolutionary meme coin combining artificial intelligence’s ground-breaking power and blockchain security. The result is an unstoppable, self-promoting dreamboat of a meme coin, setting hearts aflutter across the crypto sphere.

Using cutting-edge technology such as natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis, Shiba Memu can scan the internet for mentions of itself. It then assesses investor sentiment towards it and promotes itself across targeted internet forums and social networks by learning from successful marketing strategies. As time passes, Shiba Memu matures its intelligence and influence, solidifying itself as a significant player in the meme coin market.

Yet, that’s not all. Shiba Memu’s community has a big part to play. The platform boasts an interactive AI dashboard, which users access with their SHMU token holdings. Here, users can oversee the coin’s autonomous marketing activities and offer helpful feedback or direction while gaining rewards by suggesting new sites and communities to target.

This incredible level of interaction goes way beyond what’s typical for meme coins. Add token staking for a passive yield and compelling deflationary tokenomics that are expected to keep buy pressure high and maintain token scarcity.

Meme coins may still be seen as a joke in many quarters, but with a $15 billion-plus market to aim at, Shiba Memu isn’t laughing.

The Shiba Memu presale and beyond

Predicting the future price action for meme coins is an inexact science, even by the notoriously volatile standards of crypto markets. While many meme coins have made suitable short-term investments, nobody could have foreseen some of the tremendous price pumps enjoyed by Pepe Coin, a meme coin with no discernible value beyond a vaguely amusing frog mascot.

Again, Shiba Memu stands tall, head and shoulders above other meme coins.

Firstly, there’s the exciting ICO, which, due to overwhelming investor demand, was extended for an additional 120 days beyond its initial two-month run. This delivered three-way benefits. Firstly, Shiba Memu could maximize its liquidity drive. Secondly, latecomers to the ICO could make up to 30.96% gains during the last 60-day period, and finally, early-stage investors had the chance to potentially increase their gains.

How? Shiba Memu is a coin with a different and uniquely structured ICO. Investors began to see gains when they reserved their tokens, as the price of the native SHMU token increased daily by $0.000225. Yet, with the ICO drawing to a close in a few days, has this dog left the traps and raced off into the distance?

Market analysts believe not. The astounding early price action Pepe Coin enjoyed upon its release in 2023 is still a fresh memory. Investors made up to 7,000% returns while driving Pepe Coin to a $1 billion market cap within a month of release. Experts are also bullish in their forecasts for SHMU.

Many believe that 50x returns are possible for the earliest-stage investors within the next year, driving the price of the SHMU token beyond $0.50. With utility backing it, this clever crypto canine looks likely to have staying power in the long term.

MATIC news: Polygon price boost expected with new POL token

The release of the Polygon 2.0 upgrade is massive news for Polygon. While not as snappy or instantly loveable as an NFT drop or new meme coin mascot, Polygon plays an increasingly important role in developing cross-chain interoperability.

MATIC has remained an enduring crypto investment option for a couple of years, maintained by Polygon’s regular deployments of new features. This new upgrade and POL token release could propel Polygon into the crypto stratosphere.

Polygon has already curated some impressive working partnerships, with Mastercard and Warner Music joining Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Adidas, and Reddit. Additionally, with the number of MATIC token holders increasing to almost 44 million from 26 million in 2023, Polygon is a project with ongoing potential.

Existing MATIC token holders are expected to receive POL coins via an airdrop, and a whole new audience will be exposed to the art of the possible. With Polygon’s market-leading scalability and interoperability solutions, experts forecast that the Polygon price should rise considerably next year.

While the Polygon price grows, expect Shiba Memu to explode

With an expected return to bull market conditions just around the corner, experts predict that Polygon’s new upgrade and coin release couldn’t be better timed. Yet, for investors seeking seismic price action, Shiba Memu’s addictive combination of innovative new technology and creature-comfort good looks makes it the best crypto investment opportunity of the year.

Time is running out to take advantage of the Shiba Memu presale. So give yourself the chance of quick returns over the next few days and, most likely, watch this precocious pooch go viral next year.

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