Crypto investors are busily seeking the next moonshot coins to add to their crypto portfolio, with the 2024 bull market inching closer. Buoyed by the prospect of a cut in Fed interest rates later this year, investors are moving fast to find the tokens likely to drive serious profits in 2024.

Memeinator, AltLayer, and Sei are the names that have caught the eyes of investors as those most likely to generate maximum profits. Here’s why these three coins are seen as must-adds to any crypto portfolio ahead of the imminent bull market.

Memeinator: Redefining what it means to be a meme coin

Meme coin enthusiasts getting bored with the plethora of no-mark, subpar, derivative rip-offs of Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and Pepe Coin can rejoice as Memeinator joins the sector. This is a meme coin with a difference, launching a crusade to eradicate the zero-value copycat meme coins flooding the space.

Aiming to rally the largest resistance movement in cryptocurrency history, Memeinator is mobilizing its huge following, which numbers more than 140k followers on Twitter and 13k members on Telegram. This has led Memeinator to grab $4.8m during its presale as investors flock to this new coin with moonshot potential. As Memeinator sets its sights on a $1 billion market cap, it is on an unstoppable march to take on sector giants like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu by offering investors true utility.

At the heart of Memeinator’s appeal is the Meme Warfare game, which allows Memeinator to enjoy the momentum of the GameFi crypto market, even though it isn’t strictly a GameFi platform. In the Meme Warfare game, players embody Memeinator to take on meme coins fed into the game and obliterate them, consigning them to the dustbin where they belong. This game is being developed with Red Apple Tech, a prize-winning, globally recognized gaming company that has worked on games with Disney, among other high-profile brands.

In addition to this exciting gaming experience, investors can look forward to plenty more. With regular competitions and giveaways funded by 7.5% of the 1 billion token supply, a deflationary quarterly token burning mechanism that’s already seen almost 130 million presale tokens burned, and staking rewards of up to 45% APY, it’s no wonder so many investors see Memeinator as a must-have addition to their crypto portfolios ahead of the next bull run.

Memeinator price prediction 2024

Memeinator is currently in stage 15 of its 20-phase ICO, with coins priced at just $0.022. With 32.73% gains available to investors before the presale concludes, this crypto moonshot project is on the march with the backing of a viral marketing machine and a growing community.

Investors are excited to not only back Memeinator’s mission to clean up the meme coin industry but also to get in on the ground floor of what could be one of the best investment opportunities of 2024.

Experts are remarkably bullish about Memeinator’s growth potential, with many seeing their $1 billion valuation goals within reach. Compared with Pepe Coin, a meme coin with no utility but achieving a $1.5 billion market cap, the odds are in Memeinator’s favor.

Growth to $1 would see each Memeinator presale investor make 3,300% returns on the coin’s final presale value and 10,000% returns for those wise enough to get aboard on the lowest rung of the ladder.

AltLayer: New multi-layered blockchain architecture with a bright future

AltLayer is a groundbreaking blockchain platform that uses native and restaked rollups to incorporate ZK rollup stacks. Only launched in January 2024, this project remains in its infancy but is already gaining plenty of backers looking for moonshot projects to add to their crypto portfolios.

Through its restaking mechanism, AltLayer aims to enhance the security, interoperability, economic finality, and security of rollups. Powered by the ALT token, AltLayer provides users with governance, protocol incentivization, and fee payments within its offering.

Although AltLayer has a solid technical foundation and has raised $23 million from prominent investors, this new project is being seen as geared toward more experienced blockchain users. While this may hamper uptake in the short term, AltLayer is looking at long-term viability to help it climb the ranks of blockchain providers in the coming months.

AltLayer price prediction

While some might be put off by AltLayer dropping in value after driving an early peak, investors taking a longer-term view can expect to see their patience and faith rewarded. Analysts are tipping AltLayer to gain traction as the year progresses, with some tipping it to become a moonshot project and a worthy addition to any crypto portfolio.

Conservative estimates predict 50% returns in 2024 ahead of prolonged growth in 2025.

Sei: Pioneering trading-friendly blockchain

Sei is a cutting-edge blockchain designed to be the fastest for financial transactions through open-source development and is being tipped by industry experts as one of the biggest crypto trends for 2024. Designed explicitly for financial apps, Sei is gaining a reputation for enabling smoother and more secure investments.

Built with Cosmos technology, it is designed to leverage Cosmos’ IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol) so it can communicate with a plethora of other blockchains in the Cosmos system. As a result, Sei’s niche application makes it an appealing potential moonshot project with an opportunity to become one of the best additions to crypto portfolios for investors worldwide. With excellent tech, plenty of financial know-how behind it, and tens of millions secured in funding, newcomers will enjoy using the $50 million ecosystem and liquidity fund to support new app development on the platform.

Sei price prediction

While investors seek the next moonshot project, SEI continues to stand out with superb growth, especially for a relative market newcomer. After trading at $0.24 at the beginning of November, it reached a new ATH of $0.86 in mid-January and is now settled around $0.60.

Experts believe Sei could deliver 100% gains on its current level, with $1.20 within reach. However, investors adding Sei to their crypto portfolio could be rewarded with progress beyond $1.50 by the end of 2024.

Which is the best option as a moonshot crypto investment?

Although AltLayer and Sei are both excellent options for delivering superb returns in 2024 for investors, they don’t match the moonshot potential of Memeinator. This new anti-meme coin, meme coin, gives investors the chance to be part of a revolutionary movement in the crypto industry while also offering them the opportunity to make serious money from their investments.

With just 129,310,345 tokens left in its presale, time is running out for wise investors to shake off FOMO and lay their hands on the best new crypto token of 2024. The presale finishes in Q1, so if you’re looking for a moonshot opportunity this year, grab your Memeinator tokens today.

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