W3WC Dubai Event: Where Visionaries Unite for Web3’s Tomorrow

Join us in Dubai for our flagship gathering, where we’ll unite visionaries, pioneers, and creators to dive into the exciting convergence of AI and Web3. Whether you’re a startup whiz, a savvy investor, or a seasoned executive, you’ll find unparalleled networking opportunities and insights here. It is one event you won’t want to miss.

Web3 World Consortium event is an opportunity for thinkers, creators, and leaders to gather and shape the future of web3. Top experts will share insights on the innovation in the web3 technology. The W3WC event sets the stage for a new era of innovation in the digital age.

Pre-Reception Welcome Yacht Party: Web3 World Consortium 

Join us at the Pre-Reception Welcome Party on April 21, 2024. It is an exclusive VIP pre-reception welcome party aboard a luxurious yacht set against the stunning backdrop of Business Bay. Network with fellow attendees and enjoy breathtaking views while savoring delicious refreshments. We are limited to 100 VIP guests. Register here to secure your spot and set sail for a night of unforgettable connections.

W3WC Event Date and Venue 

Mark your calendars to join the W3WC event at Millennium Plaza Downtown in Dubai on April 22, 2024. It will be a day of inspiration and innovation in Web3 technology. The prestigious Millennium Plaza Downtown is strategically located in the heart of Dubai. It provides easy access for both local and international attendees. Dubai is ready to embrace the web3 revolution with the W3WC event.

The Organizers 

The Coin Republic (TCR), Co-host Cajutel, and Threeway Studio are the Web3 World Consortium (W3WC) event organizers. They are all well-known entities within the Web3 space. Their commitment is to foster a community of innovation. The organizers bring together the best in this industry to facilitate a day of learning, sharing, and growth.

Panel Discussions 

Web3 leaders will take the stage to share their vision for the future of web3. They will share inspiring stories of success through panel discussions. Top experts will share tips on succeeding in the Web3 era. There will be dynamic discussions on DeFi, DAOs, NFTs, cryptocurrency regulatory landscape, web3 security, and more. Successful web3 entrepreneurs will help aspiring individuals grow their businesses.

A Lineup of Visionary Keynote Speakers 

The speaker lineup is nothing short of stellar. These individuals are at the cutting edge of Web3 development. They will provide attendees with insights into the trends that will define the future. Below are the few speakers of the W3WC event:

  • Mario Nawfal – IBC Group (Keynote Speaker)
  • Nikita Sachdeva – Luna PR
  • 1Inch – Team
  • Brendi Veil – Y3S Network
  • Vlad Svitanko – Cryptorsy
  • Piyush Gupta – Polytrade
  • Preetam Rao – Quillbits
  • Crypto Rich – Influencer
  • Anton Golub – 4x Founder
  • Adel Bhurtun – Influencer

Networking Opportunities 

Attendees can expand their network by having conversations with the brightest minds in attendance. The W3WC event is a perfect opportunity for partnership with top web3 pioneers. Attendees can interact with keynote speakers, panelists, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Registration and Sponsorship 

Interested attendees can secure a spot at the W3WC. Registration is straightforward—simply visit the official website of Web3 World Consortium (W3WC). You have to request an invite by clicking on get tickets. Your request will undergo approval by the host.

Also, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the event details. A range of sponsorship opportunities is available for those looking to elevate their brand’s presence from Title to Silver.

Contact Details 

Reach out to the organizers through these emails: