N Crypto Conference: A large-scale networking event in the crypto industry

N Crypto Conference is the hottest event for those who want to understand what nodes, testnets, and retrodrops are in the world of cryptocurrencies. This is the biggest trend in the crypto industry right now, and our conference will allow you to dive into this fascinating world together with experts in this field.

Main topics:

– How the crypto market is changing. What awaits us after bitcoin halving and whether there will be a growth phase. Cryptocurrency regulation

– Nodes and blockchain: An examination of the different types of nodes, their roles in blockchain networks, and the impact on security and scalability.

– Testbeds: Labs of Innovation: An exploration of testnet networks as laboratories for developing and refining blockchain solutions.

– Retrodrops: From Projects to Changes: Analysis of the hottest retrodrop projects and their impact on the crypto community and financial markets.

For whom:

The conference is designed for anyone who wants to understand how nodes, testnet and retrodrops work and wants to keep up with the latest trends in the cryptocurrency world.


Date: 15:00 – November 26, 2023

Registration from 14:00

Venue: 1A Popudrenka St., Kyiv, Ukraine

Entrance by tickets (free of charge)

Don’t miss this opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies together with industry experts and practitioners