Chain Conference 2024 | Istanbul-Turkey


We are on the hunt for the best in the industry to contribute their knowledge and perspectives at our conference.

A pioneers in the making, we are meticulously creating an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. From partnering up with universities to push young people and bring them closer to landing their first job, to booking seasoned DeFi aficionados to hold insightful speeches!

The conference is taking place in Istanbul on 14th and 15th September this year with a work shop day reserved on the 13th September.

Currently we have locked  speakers ranging from DeFi, security, liquid-restaking, bridging, regulation, and many more, with a proven track record of being chads and working in protocols like:

– Sei Network

– ImpossibleFi

– Chris Ventures

– HackenProof

– BeInCrypto

– Liquity

– etc.

Not only that, we have secured a lot of media partners and this is only the start.

As a newcomers in the conference world, we are looking for partners and sponsors to make this conference THE conference where two continents meet. Our sponsors range from banks, universities and blockchain related project and protocols, and of course, leading centralised exchanges.

Official website link: