When a UK online gambler makes the decision to register for the GamStop Self-exclusion program, it’s usually something they do after a lot of forethought. After all, they will be making the decision to take a break from their online gambling activities.

For anyone who doesn’t know, GamStop was co-authored by officials with the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). They developed and instituted this program to serve as a key resource for gamblers who are interested in protecting themselves against the potential of gambling addiction.

The program is strictly voluntary, and it’s available through pretty much all online gambling sites that are licensed in the UK. Gamblers can register for free and once their registration is accepted into the program, they are no longer allowed to access their existing online gambling accounts. Also, they will be blocked from opening new accounts. The self-exclusion period is determined by the gamblers themselves, who can choose 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years.

Ways Around GamStop

Sometimes, UK gamblers register with GamStop and then have a change of heart. That creates an immediate problem because they won’t be able to use online gambling accounts that are tied to licensed GamStop member websites. However, there are ways a really motivated online gambler can get around their GamStop exclusion until it expires.

The best option is to find online gambling sites that operate without GamStop membership. That includes sites outside GamStop’s jurisdiction that are featured on the CasinoWise site. There are two ways to do this. First, there are some licensed and unlicensed UK gambling sites that are operating in defiance of the UKGC’s mandates. Second, there are lots of quality online gambling operators that are licensed and regulated in other countries.

Other viable options include using land-based options until the exclusion period ends, using online sites that do very little account verification, and opening accounts under other names (friends and relatives might cooperate). The last really good option would be using a crypto-only casino. However, some GamStop gamblers don’t like this option. Why?

Why GamStop Users Often Dislike Crypto Casinos

On the face of it, using Crypto casinos seems like a great way to avoid GamStop scrutiny. After all, cryptocurrencies are all about anonymity. That’s very evident because all crypto transactions are recorded through a decentralized registry that doesn’t require users to provide personal information. Instead, all transaction information is tied to nothing but verification and transaction codes. Given this amazing level of anonymity, why would a GamStop dislike this option?

For all the advantages a crypto casino can offer, there are just as many disadvantages. It’s the disadvantages the GamStop gamblers don’t like about using crypto casinos.

First and foremost, the UK government still has not resolved how they want to try to regulate the use of cryptocurrencies. The government’s primary concern is with the aforementioned anonymity using cryptocurrencies affords the users. Clearly, the UK government is not comfortable with the fact crypto-use interferes with their ability to track the financial activities of UK citizens. While that should not be of their concern, it is because freedom isn’t what it used to be.

Since the government has yet to resolved the crypto regulation issue, there is always a chance they could suddenly ban the use of crypto as a means of exchange. A lot of GamStop gamblers see that as a potential risk to their gambling bankroll.

Next on the list of GamStop gambler concerns over cryptocurrency casinos is the valuation issue. While transacting with any cryptocurrency, the valuation of a crypto is subject to volatile movements in the value. Imagine for a moment that a gambler deposits $500 worth of crypto in the morning. Later that day, the coin goes down in value by 20%. Now, the gambler only has a bankroll of $400 instead of $500. That doesn’t sit well with any online gambler, including GamStop gamblers.

Yes, it is possible the coin valuation could go in the other direction and the gambler benefits. While that might seem fine, the volatility and risk are more than most online gamblers are willing to accept.

The last reason GamStop gamblers tend to not like crypto casinos is the fact they only accept crypto as a banking option. Even worse, they might only accept Bitcoin as a banking option. That means all crypto casino gamblers have to maintain a crypto-wallet. Furthermore, they might have to convert their fiat currency into crypto before they can fund their gambling account. For some GamStop gamblers, that’s just a little too much hassle to go through in order to gamble online.

Here’s the bottom line. If a GamStop gambler is looking for a temporary way to beat the GamStop scheme, they most likely want the quickest and easiest option. Clearly, using crypto-only casinos might not be all that quick and easy.