A good decade has passed since Bitcoin was developed. The pioneer of all cryptocurrencies, about which information and sound have spread very widely, now has many “sisters” and “brothers” such as NEO, Litecoin, or Ethereum, but their other peaks of popularity and notoriety do not override any other newly created cryptocurrencies. Making money on cryptocurrency is as easy as on sports betting on this site https://22bet.com.sn/en/prematch.

Cryptocurrencies – What They Are

You’ve probably heard of cryptocurrencies, but if you don’t understand exactly what it is, we’ll try to explain it in simple, human language. A cryptocurrency is simply a digital currency that does not require any bank to function. It runs on a platform called “blockchain“, a decentralized public transaction storage system. Bitcoins are a kind of “excavated” and profit is made for it. Anyone can dig a bitcoin if they wish, and since the orders have to be approved by even two individuals, there is no need for the central bank to control them, which is why this whole system is called decentralized. The good news is that you don’t need to dig up the bitcoins for them to belong to you. It is enough to simply invest in cryptocurrencies, which is what most people currently do and through trading companies.

The situation at the moment

However, is it still a good idea to invest in cryptocurrencies some time after the advent of cryptocurrencies? There are a limited number of bitcoins on the market, some believe that they should not be prone to such devaluation as the amount of new bitcoins mined is always declining. It is because of this, both due to increased market demand and reduced supply, that their value should increase again. In general, cryptocurrencies became popular back in 2008, after a major global crisis. At a time when the market was dominated by traditional stocks and investments. The declining ability to harvest enough bitcoins, the increased demand for them as a result of the pandemic, and a few other factors could lead to a real new purchasing revolution and a jump in prices. If we follow and pay attention to the past trends in the past, it is such a halving of bitcoins that can cause the already existing situation – a sudden increase in the value of bitcoins in the market. The first double decline was observed in 2012, increasing the value of bitcoins by as much as 8 percent. during the next year, and the second similar phenomenon was observed already in 2016 when the value of bitcoins increased by 2 percent. over the next 18 months. Compared to what was just a good 2 years ago, technology has evolved extremely rapidly and continues to evolve at just cosmic speeds, and can attract a large number of institutional investors. Events such as the implementation of Visa’s partnership with Coinbase or Facebook’s attempt to enter the world of digital currency simply show that cryptocurrency will remain in the market for a long time to come.

Future heirs and cryptocurrency

If “Millenials” invested at least 5%. Сould inherit the price of bitcoins to as much as $ 350,000 before 2044. And such a jump would provide as much as $ 70 trillion from an investment of $ 971 trillion. It is because of this guess and vision for the future that the younger generation is expected to have significantly more investment opportunities. And all this will happen for a better and safer assessment of bitcoins.

The fourth era of bitcoins

According to analysts, bitcoins are now moving into the so-called fourth era, which is predicting a huge jump compared to previous eras. We should watch the price of bitcoins jump as high as $ 100,000 over the next 2 years. Due to massive layoffs, both temporary and permanent, around the world, the first self-protective reaction of people has been to move to greater disposal of cash. This means that a variety of investments have been put up for sale, including both bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies such as ether. As a result, a fall in bitcoin prices was observed along with a fall in the prices of other stocks. The benefits promised by the states are already reaching or will reach and will be paid to the people and when everything around calms down somewhat and returns to the old tracks, people will start investing again, so the bitcoins will find themselves on that shelf of successful investments again.

So, can it be said that cryptocurrency, in general, can be considered as a safe investment decision? The whole market has been extremely volatile lately, but stubborn investors and true professionals tend to take risks and try their luck with cryptocurrencies. Because right now is the right time to look back and evaluate the cryptocurrencies and their value.