The recent Bitcoin price surge has whet new investors’ appetite. Every investor wants to benefit from the crypto market, leading to a new liquidity injection. However, any investor should consider several factors when buying this virtual currency. The fear of missing out can lead to judgment errors and costly mistakes when investing in this virtual currency. To avoid this, follow these golden rules for buying Bitcoin to make wise moves.

Don’t Trade Bitcoin on Weekends

You’ve probably heard that the Bitcoin market doesn’t sleep. Unlike traditional financial markets that don’t open on weekends, the Bitcoin market is always open. And this can prompt you to continue trading even over the weekends.

However, trading Bitcoin over the weekends comes with several disadvantages. For instance, you will notice much lower trading volumes over the weekend. Also, the market is more volatile at this time. And predicting Bitcoin price with these conditions is more complicated.

Therefore, you can earn mega-profits trading Bitcoin over the weekend or suffer significant losses at the same time. For this reason, avoid trading this virtual currency over the weekend. Instead, wait for Monday or any other weekday to trade Bitcoin.

Drop Charts after Purchasing Bitcoin

By the time you buy Bitcoin, you’ve probably analyzed it for months or days. That means you’ve studied its fundamentals and now believe it’s a good investment. Once you’ve done that, focus on studying its price evolution by engaging in technical analysis. That way, you can decide on the time to purchase this virtual currency.

Once a moment that seems ideal for purchasing this virtual currency arrives, proceed to purchase it. With Bitcoin trading, the time you buy this currency can make a significant difference. Therefore, follow Bitcoin price evolution frantically by monitoring the charts.

Bitcoin’s price can fall after purchasing it. However, be optimistic and patient as you wait for the price to increase. Bitcoin is a volatile digital asset. But this shouldn’t prompt you to engage in impulse buying. To avoid impulse buying, keep the charts away for some time after buying. Relax and then come back later. For more information about the bitcoin trading, you can visit 1K Daily Profit.

Set Time Aside for Trading Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency market operates 24/7. However, don’t fall into the temptation of monitoring the price evolution constantly because this can bring you significant stress. The best approach is to set a reasonable time aside to monitor and analyze the crypto market. That way, you can disconnect from the stress of fluctuating Bitcoin prices and focus on other things in your life. And this is crucial because it will enable you to make investment decisions while sober.

Buy Bitcoin When in the Right Mindset

Buying Bitcoin compares to trading in a financial world. Nevertheless, a clear mindset is necessary to make the right crypto investment decisions. Ideally, don’t make your Bitcoin investment decisions when stressed, upset, or tired.

If you feel tired, upset, or stressed when you want to buy Bitcoin, take a walk or do something that recharges your system. Upon returning, focus on the investment and look for a trading opportunity to maximize your ability to make winning decisions.

Develop a Strategy and Stick to It

You spend your hard-earned money when buying this digital currency. Therefore, develop an effective strategy you can follow when purchasing this virtual currency. For instance, decide the price at which you can buy or sell this electronic currency. Also, don’t let emotions take control of you. That way, you can avoid irrational decisions and moves that may lead to significant losses when trading Bitcoin.


The Bitcoin market is volatile. Therefore, follow these rules and focus on maximizing returns from your trading activity to make good money trading Bitcoin.