As the demand for Bitcoins increases over time, more industries are slowly opening up to the idea of accepting blockchain tokens. Cryptocurrencies have been a part of the online gambling industry since the initial days, and the trend is still going strong. But how do you sign up for a Bitcoin casino? Let’s walk you through the basics of how crypto tokens work and how to set up your digital wallet.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and has been around for over a decade. And just like fiat currencies, crypto tokens need to be securely stored. Crypto wallets can either be physical drives or software applications and can be used for international transactions. This brings us to the next most important part of the discussion: setting up a crypto account?

Getting started with Bitcoin gambling is easy. It’s a three-fold process that doesn’t require any special skills or technical expertise, as you’ll see.

Open a BTC Wallet

A bitcoin wallet is where you store the digital currency. We recommend hosted wallets since they’re safe and operate like a bank account. There are several hosted crypto wallet providers around. Find one that suits your needs and get started. The process is similar to creating a PayPal account, and it works in the same manner.

Make a Deposit

Once your crypto wallet is up and running, you can now make an initial deposit. But make sure to look out for the current rates. The exchange rate fluctuates much like the stock market. You can deposit directly using debit or credit cards, bank transfer, eWallets, or any other payment mode that you prefer.

Get Started with Crypto Gambling

Once your Bitcoin wallet is operational, it’s time to find a crypto casino or sportsbook. There are several reputed brands to choose from. So, take your time before signing up. Once your account is set up, navigate to the payments page and select your Bitcoin wallet. The transfer should be completed within a few minutes.

The Benefits of BTC Gambling

  1. Safe & Secure Transactions – Cryptocurrencies are inherently safer as they’re based on open-source servers. They’re perfect for online gambling since these transactions don’t need third-party gateways and are instantaneous. Plus, punters don’t need to share their personal information while signing up using crypto-wallets.
  2. Lower Running Costs – Crypto casinos have a lower operating cost than traditional online casinos. And these benefits are directly passed on to the players. Hence, punters get better welcome rewards, higher odds, and slightly bigger jackpots.
  3. Better Payout Schedule – Since crypto transactions are almost instantaneous, they payout quicker than traditional casinos. Moreover, there are no limits on the maximum deposit or withdrawal amount. However, read the terms of use before signing up.
  4. Transparent Transactions – Crypto casinos are provably fair, which means your odds of winning aren’t manipulated. The Random Number Generator comes up with unique results every time. Thus, preventing scams and streamlining the process for all parties involved.