There is no doubt that the use of online casinos in Canada is on the rise. Many are finding that it is much more enjoyable to stay at home or play their favorite casino style game at work. Because these online casinos have developed apps that work perfectly with handheld devices, the experience of playing online is better than ever.

What is also becoming a phenomenon in Canada is the use of cryptocurrencies to fund accounts. Not only are people using these currencies, but according to the source from CanadaCasinoHub there are casinos within the country that are specifically catering to digital currency users, allowing them to receive their funds in these currencies as well. This is why there are becoming an ever-growing number of bitcoin casinos in Canada.

Why Are These Casinos Becoming So Popular?

This may be startling to some. Digital currencies, such as bitcoin, are mysterious in many ways, so people do not understand the benefits of using cryptocurrencies when gambling online. The truth is that there are many benefits.

It starts with anonymity. Because these currencies are not tied directly to a financial institution, a person is able to use bitcoin to fund an account without having that currency traced to them in some capacity. This is allowing them to enjoy a high degree of anonymity when playing, something that is becoming far more difficult to enjoy in this technological age.

Anonymity becomes even more important when you are talking about where you live in Canada. There are a limited number of land-based casinos across the country, but online casinos are becoming extremely popular and easily accessible. However, regulations are different across provinces, meaning what you may be eligible to use in one province could be different than that of another.

The use of bitcoin allows players to access any casino they want without concern of violating regulations or laws. Because the currency is not traced to a specific account, a person can enjoy playing at any casino without the worry of being tracked. This, seemingly, allows them to bypass any laws or regulations.

Bypassing the Fiat Currency Rules

In addition, Canada has created laws that ban a person from using the Canadian currency to play on gambling sites. This intent was to bar local residents from being able to enjoy the use of these facilities. It may seem odd, but many of the British Commonwealth countries have the same financial framework in place, including places such as New Zealand and Australia.

However, using bitcoin allows a person to be able to bypass these regulations. Because they are considered non-Canadian currency, there is no concern about using the digital currency.

Receiving More Bitcoin

Using a bitcoin casino also means that a person is receiving bitcoin in return. Because of the rapid increase in value of this currency, it becomes an incredible value if a person is able to win. They could see a 10% or 20% increase in the value of their winnings in a matter of a few days, that is how crazy this currency has gotten.

Because players see the huge value and upside of bitcoin, it is not surprising these casinos are becoming a popular option for players in Canada.