You’ve heard that many people are making money online using Bitcoin. Unfortunately, you don’t know how or where to start earning money using this electronic currency. Bitcoin has endured years of price fluctuation, but it’s still the dominant cryptocurrency. More precisely, Bitcoin is the largest and most popular digital currency. And you can make money using this virtual currency in different ways. Here are legit and intelligent methods you can use to earn money using this electronic currency.


Bitcoin trading is a popular legit, and intelligent way to earn money using this electronic money. However, you must learn to analyze trading charts first and come up with an effective strategy. Currently, people trade Bitcoin on platforms like Bitcoin Prime. With such platforms, you register for an account and load it with fiat money using acceptable payment methods. After that, you place an order for Bitcoin and then start trading this cryptocurrency.

Trading this virtual currency can be a lucrative activity that you can engage in 24/7. What’s more, you can trade Bitcoin conveniently from your mobile device. Additionally, some crypto exchanges allow you to customize and automate them to buy and sell on your behalf. Thus, you don’t have to glue yourself on a computer screen the whole day analyzing charts and trading Bitcoin. Instead, you automate the platform to trade on your behalf according to specific metrics.


Bitcoin investing is a long-term adventure. That’s because you hold onto Bitcoin relatively longer. Most people call this strategy Hodling, and it’s ideal for people that believe in Bitcoin’s positive future. If confident that Bitcoin price will eventually surge, you can invest in it. Ideally, a Hodl investment requires a tie with fancy expectations.

Ideally, you should know when to purchase and sell your Bitcoin. When you want to hold onto your Bitcoin longer, use a hardware wallet because it’s safer than a software wallet. What’s more, there are other ways to invest in Bitcoin apart from purchasing and holding onto your tokens.

For instance, you can invest in Bitcoin companies, startups, and development. These Bitcoin investments are research-intensive. Therefore, consider the potential of every investment by reading white papers, analyzing the market demand and expert opinions. Nevertheless, getting your Bitcoin investment right could earn you good returns later on.

Micro Earnings

Micro earnings might not bring you a fortune. Nevertheless, they are decent and legit ways to earn money with Bitcoin. For instance, some websites pay users with Bitcoin for clicking on ads or watching them. You can also complete micro-jobs like watching videos on YouTube or completing surveys online.

This method may have few rewards, but you can accumulate your earnings over time. Nevertheless, check the terms of any service that enables you to make money using this virtual currency. Ideally, use a method that allows you to earn and withdraw your earnings.


With this method, you let Bitcoin make you money. That’s because you lend your bitcoins to other users and earn interest in return. Holding bitcoins won’t make you money immediately. However, you will earn interest by lending your bitcoins to other people. Thus, lending is better than keeping your tokens, and it’s not like trading that seems like a gamble.

Other legit and intelligent ways to earn money using Bitcoin include becoming an affiliate to a Bitcoin company, accepting Bitcoin payments, and mining. Before you venture into any of these, research it to learn how it works. That way, you’ll determine whether it’s an ideal, thoughtful, and legit method for you to use to earn money with Bitcoin. Ideally, research and analyze the market before you start trading or investing in Bitcoin.