Cryptocurrencies are fast emerging as a popular way to pay for things online. Though many sites are still to add cryptocurrency functions to their payment portals, there are a growing number of sources that are choosing to add them for customers to use. Could they have the potential to majorly change the way we pay for things online?

Already in Use

Cryptocurrencies are not new to the internet, but they are rapidly growing in popularity. Though many big industry names such as William Hill are yet to embrace cryptocurrencies, they are becoming more commonplace online as an alternative to fiat currencies.

The first decentralised cryptocurrency to appear on the market was Bitcoin, and this is arguably the most famous. Many people use the term cryptocurrency and Bitcoin interchangeably, when the latter is just one of the many variations of the former. This started trading in 2009, and was joined by other types like Ethereum and Litecoin. Though it has taken a while for websites to add this currency to their payment options, it is increasingly becoming an option alongside more traditional ones such as bank cards and e-wallets.


One of the big advantages of cryptocurrencies is that transactions between different accounts are incredibly secure and easy to manage. Those who want to ensure that they are going to be making a fair trade with some of the latest security protocols should definitely consider looking into the merits of cryptocurrencies.

The big “secret” behind the security of cryptocurrencies is the blockchain. This is the ledger that lists all the transactions that take place with crypto. They are made up of blocks that are then chained together to create a big ledger of all the different transactions. They are considered to be secure as a little bit of data from each transaction is stored in the block before it in the chain. If you were to alter the block, you would have to edit the one before it too, and the one before that, and so on. You simply can’t manage to do this, and it helps to make transactions recorded here accurate and trustworthy.


An interesting part of cryptocurrency that has emerged recently has come with the use of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. As with other parts of cryptocurrencies, they have been around for some time only to just boom in popularity recently. These could soon result in a massive change in how we might buy and trade unique assets like photos, videos, and other forms of digital files.

The NFT is a unique digital asset. Though owning an NFT does not grant the owner the exclusive right to the asset, as anyone might access a legal copy of it, the owner does have the copyright of it. The NFT acts as proof of ownership in this way. As a result, these are becoming increasingly popular for owning assets in art and music. These have already made waves in the worlds of art dealing, and NFT auctions can reach crazy heights already. The changes that we might see in this area could be incredible.

While we are unlikely to abandon traditional payment methods any time soon, cryptocurrencies represent some interesting paths that could be explored in the future. There is a lot to be developed in these markets, and it could result in some major changes in the digital world. Anyone who is interested in what the world of cryptocurrencies has to offer should take the opportunity to learn more about them now. There are likely to be many changes in future, and they have the real potential to change the way we pay for things online.