Blockx to Host Blockx Infinity Global Launchpad Event for Blockchain Builders in Da Nang City, Vietnam

Blockx is proud to announce the Blockx Infinity Global Launchpad Event, taking place in Da Nang City, Vietnam on June 23-24, 2023. The event aims to bring together the community of creators, builders, and venture capitalists worldwide for a weekend of inspiration, innovation, and networking.

Blockx Infinity is designed to be the global launchpad event for disruptive web3 builders. It is powered by the community for the community and incubates and launches early-stage infinity blockchain models. With 150+ speakers, 5000+ attendees, 100+ journalists, and 250+ exhibitors, Blockx Infinity is set to be one of the largest and most exciting events in the blockchain space.

The event will feature several exciting events, including the Infinity Hub, where the voice of the community will be empowered. The Infinity Hub will be a hub for infinity and trending, led by the community of creators, builders, and venture capitalists worldwide.

Other events include the Hackathon, Startup Space, Startup Warrior, The Infinity, DeFi 2.0, GameFi 2.0, Metaverse, Infra & ZKP, and Web3 & DAO. These events will cover a range of topics, including blockchain network hacking, protocol infrastructure technologies, and the next big things for our disruptive builder network.

Blockx Infinity will also feature a series of pre-main events for builders, media partners, and VCs to connect, grow their fundraising, and find potential partners to grow their community.

The event will bring together many blockchain startup stars, top-tier VCs, and celebs to share their insights and experiences with the community. Speakers include Lou Kerner, Partner & Board Member at Blockchain Coinvestors, James Wo, Founder & CEO of Digital Finance Group, Thao Nguyen, Founder & CEO of Umbala Labs, and many others.

For more information on the Blockx Infinity Global Launchpad Event, to register, become a speaker or sponsor, visit the event website. You can also follow Blockx Infinity on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, and the Blockx Network blog here

About BlockX Network

BlockX Network is a DAO protocol platform that accelerates on-chain reserve, liquidity growth, and user engagement loop for mass adoption decentralized economy.

The core team members are alpha wolves from Umbala Labs, We study from our failures then we build BLOCKX with the vision: “Vietnam will be the APAC Hub of builders & creators”